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Binaural brain-wave Audios– Not more Sleep Problems

Sleep is essential for both our psychical and mental health. Deep Sleep is
proven to have healing power – during deep Sleep the body releases human growth
hormone that regenerates and repairs the body. Insomnia and Sleep problems
interfere with the body's natural healing procedure of regenerating and
repairing itself. Hence, Sleep disorders can rob you of your normal vitality
required for day-to-day functioning.

Insomnia is generally caused by not
being able to let go with the day – specifically the worries and tensions with
the day. Thoughts race around constantly in the mind, revolving surrounding the
day's stressful events and unresolved issues and as a result, the mind simply
can not let go and unwind. If the stress level remains high for some days, it
creates the vicious cycle of Sleep problems and constant

Sleeping Pills along with other Remedies

When we find
that lack of proper Sleep is affecting our health and daily routine, we aim to
seek refuge in sleeping pills. They definitely help but become a problem if we
continue to take them like a habit. It is a well-known proven fact that at some
point the pills stops working and also have side effects.

Lots of people
try relieving stress and anxieties through yoga and meditation, so they can
Sleep better. It is an excellent way for those who have time and mental
discipline for regular practice. Most people, however, start out with great
enthusiasm but abandon sooner than later. This is not a practical option for
those who have every thing but time.

Binaural brainwave entrainment
technology offers such a powerful solution for busy people. It needs no training
or trainer. In order to understand it, you need to know a few things about
brainwaves of stress and relaxation.

High Beta Brainwaves – Your Stress

Beta brain waves (13 – 30 Hz) accompany your normal activities
during the day. All your normal outdoor activities and interactions along with
the world occur in the beta state. However, at high beta frequencies you're in
mental states associated with anxiety, unease, and stress. At still higher
frequencies, you will find it difficult to think and focus clearly and you'll
probably make bad decisions. If the brain wave frequencies get higher any
further and sustain, you are running the chance of nervous

Lower Frequency Brainwaves – Your Friendly Wave

lower brainwave frequencies both sides with the brain start to work in sync and
communicate better with each other. The neurons and the brain cells start to
operate harmoniously within a coordinated manner. At this point, you feel a
sense of calm; the problem appears more manageable and you also begin to feel in
control. So, you need to slow down the brainwaves, to relax and energize
yourself. It is easily possible with brainwave entrainment technology, as we
shall see below.

Binaural Brainwave Entrainment

When two slightly
different sounds frequencies are fed through stereo headphones, person to each
ear, the brain perceives pulsations in a frequency equal to the difference in
the two frequencies – called binaural beats. And soon the existing dominating
brainwaves shift frequency to match the applied frequency – it is called
brainwave entrainment. Now when you change the beat frequency the brainwaves
would abide by it.

This offers a simple way to induce any desired
brainwave frequency, and therefore the state of mind associated with it. For
inducing Sleep, you just need to listen into the beats in the delta brainwave
frequencies (1 – 4 Hz). Your brain will be slowly coaxed into deep Sleep.

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